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  • WH Consulting's is honoured to introduce you to the dynamic group of people who have joined forced to provide you and your company the ultimate experience.
  • We view ourselves as a "business solution partner" and we are proud to call our past and existing clients partners as they have had the vision and perseverance to know that even in a tough economy you can't give up on what makes your busines unique and that staying on top of your game is imperative.
  • Our software analyst will gain an understanding of your specific requirements as well as some insight into your industry and how your business operates before getting down to the amazing task of creating a functional software application that works for you and around you and your business. Software changes / additions and upgrades happen as your business and requirements grow ensuring that you never have to lack for anything. This not only makes running your business smoother, but the staff will be far less stressed and distrupted as it's something that works with them not against them!
  • Our first unique selling proposition is that we design workshops specifically around your company‚Äôs requirements. We give you exactly what you need. Our high quality standard workshops include
  • WH Consulting's web division prides itself on being able to offer highly professional web design or maintenance on an existing website and hosting. We specialise in the small to start up business owner and aid in creating a web/online presence. Many times your business is only as good as a glance at your website .