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Services offered by WH Consulting 

Our unique skills and services perfectly compliment each other although I'm sure at a glance it could seem almost impossible...


WH Consulting offers a web design/maintenance service that will gladly offer input and assistance with either a new site or spruse up a site that has been forgotten for some time as well as offering monthly maintenance and upgrade packeges for existing sites.


Our Software Analyst and Engineering service is able to create a bespoke software package that "spits out" exactly what you need when you need is our very special and next suprise.


Our Virtual Assistance support provides the answer to any individual or company for any adhoc or regular assistance.  Not only do you not have to make provision in your office or home for an additional person, but you save yourself the complexities around tax issues, sick and holiday leave and all the other staffing issues. You now pay for 100% productive work only!


And the most amazing thing about having all these skills is that they are all available in one company? Not only are we able to offer them as a full business solution... but each service is also able to operate as a stand alone package and this allows a business to get what they require when they require it.


We provide these services at competitive and affordable rates thereby ensuring that your internal and external customers remain statisfied and that your business can prosper from the benefit and investment the company has made in them!


We offer further insight into each service, so please peruse the sites at your leasure.


Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly assist.