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In your industry...what is it that makes you successful?

  • Is it the way to canvas clients?  
  • The way to prepare and deliver or present your proposal?  
  • Your charm? 

Whatever your secret is, THAT is EXACTLY why you want to be the leader in your industry and stay there for as long as possible!

Having information on our fingertips is becoming more and more part of our daily lives with thechnology racing ahead at a rapid pace and the smarter it gets the more we expect.

Then why are so many companies still purchasing crucial software off the shelf and bending oprerations to fit in with it's funcitionality?


What do we offer?


Our software analyst will gain an understanding of your specific requirements as well as some insight into your industry and how your business operates before getting down to the amazing task of creating  a functional software application that works for you and around you and your business.


Software changes / additions and upgrades happen as your business and requirements grow ensuring that you never have to lack for anything. This not only makes running your business smoother, but the staff will be far less stressed and distrupted as it's something that works with them not against them!


Don't let the size of your business prevent you from achieving your best as WH Consulting cater for businesses of all sizes. We have serviced small companies with 2 members through to major corporates who are smiling every day because of the decision they took to stay ahead in their fields!


Irrespective if you require an application or add on to a system or a complete make over, a software program that works for you gives you the edge!


Our existing client base and list of projects commissioned are testimony of the success of these implementations and with over 24 years of experience we know that making this change will be change the way you do business.


Dont delay. Stay ahead!